Sunday, June 7, 2015

Paint The Sky

We spent a few days in San Francisco the past December. We took the ferry out to Alcatraz Island. The sky was just beginning to clear after a night of rain and there was a rainbow that flowed right into the Golden Gate Bridge. It looked like someone painted the sky in watercolor. The colors of this current CSI case were just perfect to showcase the painted sky.

I started with a plain piece of watercolor paper and did a wash in the yellow and light green colors. I took the brown and stamped a distress stamp around the border and added a bit more of the light green, a little bit darker.

Then I began working on the cluster with the photo. First I dripped teal ink to represent the rain. Next I dabbed distress ink through a flying bird stencil. Then I cut out clouds in polka dot teal vellum. I arranged them, but you really couldn't see the edges and they all blended in together, so I cut some clouds out of pale yellow cardstock. I still thought there wasn't enough definition, so I penned the outer edges in black. That did the trick. While I was at it, I cut a sun out of the same yellow cardstock. I pulled some wooden shapes; prisms, plane, geo tag, boats, and colorized them with ink. I cut the main title out of plain white cardstock from this really cool brush font, and inked it, trying to have darker and lighter areas. After arranging the above, I stamped the subtitle using distress ink. It ended up looking really watery, which was not a look I was going for, but fit perfectly. For the final touch, I added a propellor to the center of the sun. I created some lines for my journaling down in the bottom corner to give balance and added a starburst. I love that starburst.

Evidence used: pen work, birds, clouds, paint and stamps.

Testimony is written directly onto the page, "The weather wasn't perfect but it made for dramatic light, cool clouds, and colorful rainbows."

Got Ink

The office inspiration of this week's CSI case reminded me of these photos that I took of my fingers trying to re-ink a stamp at work. Try being the operative word! The opening for the ink was stuck shut and I had to fight to get the dumb thing open and got ink EVERYWHERE.

I decided to pull the frames and grid layout from the photo too. I cut some frames from fun paper, framing all the elements, from photos to journaling to the title to messy date stamping. Some ink splatters and smudges just finished it off.

Evidence used: stripes, ledger paper, wood grain, frames, and lightbulbs

Testimony is a list on how to re-fill, I mean not re-fill a stamp

1. Fight with case to open
2. Fling pieces apart - get inky
3. Pour new ink into res. - get more inky
4. Stamp - get inky
5. Repeat steps 3-4

Saturday, May 23, 2015

{heart} 2 Travel With You

I loved the colors for this CSI case! The clouds, transportation, architectural and travel themes were perfect for these photos from the Golden Gate Bridge.

I cut the bridge mask out, of plastic, on my Silhouette and added red paint with my brayer, then stamped it onto my background that I made with watercolors and stamped waves. I inked some birds through a stencil and added die cut clouds. I used a couple of word cut files from The Cut Shoppe, breaking up the phrases to just get the ones I wanted. All that was left was to add some fun gears and stamp the "with" on my photo.

Evidence used: transportation, architectural accents, clouds, cogs, wet medium, and stripes.

Testimony documenting getting around on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fairy Forest

Let's be honest, when I saw the color scheme and the inspiration photo for this collaboration case at CSI, I had NO idea what to do with it! Looking at the photo, I thought of fairytales which reminded me of this photo I took whilst hiking in the Redwoods. I remember editing photos when we got home and my husband telling me that it didn't look real. It really didn't, and that was the unedited photo! I added an action that accentuated the fairytale look even more and it made it into a really cool photo, so I decided to go with it. You would just expect to run into fairies here!

One of the evidence prompts was to use flowers and I had recently obtained this flower cut from The Cut Shoppe and thought cutting them out really big would just add to the unreal look. I cut them in white and used watercolor to fill them in. I then cut some large clouds and painted them too. Some watercolor splatters just finished off the background. I had picked up a bunch of metal charms at a gem fair and hung 3 of them from this little clip. I love the fancy leaves. All that was left was to cut a title and add the painted wooden butterfly. Turned out to be a really simple layout, but fills the page.

Evidence used: flowers, clouds, paint, metal, wood

Testimony is about a fairytale place.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Your Eyes

A new month of CSI cases! I really loved how this one turned out. The photo is from a recent trip to the coast. I looked over at my husband and the reflection in his glasses was just really cool. It took a bit to get the photo just right, but I got it. Made me think of how he thinks of things so differently from me, especially about me.

I flipped the sketch so the photos were at top and replaced the sheets of paper with grungy crackle paste. I'm told it looks like Africa, but I didn't have a shape in mind when I did it. The crackle paste is really cool and I love the way the ink makes the cracks even more dramatic. The rest of the background was made by spraying ink and spritzing with water to give that watery look. I then stamped some random background stamps in the background. I used my new nautical stamps, from Tim Holtz to make some embellishments. I love how the metal boat wheel and prop fit in so nicely. I used burlap for my matte to create texture and because it's a bit manly. Gears and coins hint to buried treasure. A little washi tape and some twine finished the piece off.

Evidence used: fabric, washi tape, bottle, watercolor

Testimony is a poem I wrote, framed in the bottle

You look at me
I see the sea
You see the world
Me, as a pearl
Look in your eyes
My spirit rise

Monday, April 27, 2015


I can't believe April is nearly over! This last April case at CSI was a lot of fun. I decided to go with the National Humor Month prompt and this guy brings so much humor into my life!

I was spending the day crafting with my daughters and step mom. Hubby and I had a brief conversation and he signed off by saying he would get back to the pile of housework he was doing. He told me that he was doing the ironing. I said, "Yeah...right..." I don't think the guy has ironed more that once in his life. Soon after, I received a bunch of photos of him "ironing". T-shirt, satin dress, hat, soccer shoes. Seriously, my life is never boring....

I started off by painting the case colors onto a blank piece of watercolor paper in random streaks. Then stamped some black circles on top. I cut some cut files out, Polaroid frame, file tab (used the inside mustaches elsewhere on the page), and a couple of snarky sayings tags from The Cut Shoppe. The mustache tab and frame are backed with vellum. I stamped the arrows on the tags to add interest and added the mustaches because they are just fun. Throw on a few gears, and done!

Evidence used: metal, circles, stripes, something transparent, paint, and die cuts.

Testimony is something humorous.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Due Date - Simon Says Stamp Challenge

I played along with the challenges at Simon Says Stamp for the first time last week and when I saw this week's challenge, I was blown away. The design team hit it out of the ball park!

The first thing that popped into my head when I thought of due date, was pregnancy, but I don't really know anyone who is expecting, so I remembered the Documented stamp set that Tim Holtz recently released. I love this set so much! Love all the fun distressed date related stamps, plus it has that awesome map. A win in my book. I decided that an art journal page for my Embrace about waiting. I seem to be in a season of waiting. It seems I don't even really have anything to be waiting for right now.

I started off by spraying yellow, sunny orange, and lime sprays on my blank page. I wanted bright. Hope. I kept spraying ink and water, drying in between until I was satisfied. Then I took the stamps from the Documented set and stamped randomly on the background. Next I used the clock stencils from Tim Holtz and spread a thin layer of modeling paste over all the background. I love how the inks bleed up into the paste and bring the background forward. You can see where some of the stamping has moved to the top of the paste. Then I grabbed this really old flower set. I've had it forever and love it. I got a darker red-orange ink for these. I added some white pen scribbles to brighten them up and add some fun. All that was left was to add my quote and some askew clock hands, signifying broken time and my dislike of waiting.