Sunday, August 21, 2016

Seal Rock

Yay, coast colors! Not that that matters to me, but you know. More from my trip with the surfer. Whilst he surfed, we explored.

Evidence used: nautical elements, wood, vellum, mesh, twine

Testimony is about time spent at the beach

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Take Me To The Lake

This day had been a super rough day. A day that I just wanted to crawl back into bed. My husband works out in his kayak on the lake after work and said to get myself ready, that he would pick me up. I just sat and read, watched the birds, listened to the clink of the sailboats. It was exactly what I needed this day.

Evidence used: map print, clouds, birds, watercolor, boat

Testimony is about my trip to the lake, "On rough days like this, there is nothing like being able to say, 'Take me to the lake!' I listened to the peace."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I Spy

You all know that I love going to the coast and my favorite thing to do there is to find fun critters in the tide pools. This week's case was perfect for that.

I love the giant anchor, by The Cut Shoppe and love the double meaning of the flair from A Flair For Buttons.

Evidence used: nautical elements, wood, animals, mesh, twine

Testimony is about spending time at the beach.
I spy with my little eye
Critters of the sea
Hiding away until low tide

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Surf's Up

Yes, I took a patriotic theme and used it for a coast photo. Was the perfect use of these colors, in my opinion! We recently went over and spent the day with some friends. One of our friends is a surfer and was in seventh heaven when I said he should just go surfing whilst the rest of us explored the beach. I, of course took some photos of him as well.

I've been waiting to use this giant lifeguard perch from The Cut Shoppe and finally got to do it! I love how the red first aid embellishment just pops too, as well as the camera flair from A Flair For Buttons

Evidence used: stars, something woven, fabric, wood, circles

Testimony is done on strips.

Monday, July 4, 2016


I struggled to think of what to do with these colors before I realized that they'd be perfect for these hummingbird photos from Costa Rica. Shooting hummingbirds is HARD! I have many, many more reject photos than good ones, but the joy of getting these guys in focus, in the frame is amazing!

Evidence used: damask, polka dots, wings/feathers, birds, metal, doilies

Testimony is about something I love, photography.

Sunday, July 3, 2016


I used this week's CSI case to scrap some macro shots we took on a walk along a pretty little lane in the mountains of Costa Rica. It was fun to keep an eye out for interesting things that others might not notice.

Evidence used: chevrons, clouds, stripes

Testimony is on spending time outdoors.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Tropical Treats

Such a fun, fresh case, just perfect for my photos of a tropical treat we were served after an afternoon's kayaking trip in Costa Rica. It was a HOT day and we paddled for some time. How lovely was it to return to shore and find this buffet of goodness? Our guides whipped all this up, right there by the canal; we were very impressed and it was super yummy.

Evidence used: dots, clouds, fruit/veggies, mesh, leaves

Testimony is a 6 word memoir, "Kayaked mangroves, enjoyed tasty tropical treats"