Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Double Photo Inspiration!

Welcome to September! I always consider this the start of the new year, not New Year's Day, and to start off with a bang, ScrapStuffz Inspired By brings you two inspiration photos! You can do just one or double your chances at being chosen as our fave and do both. Both photos are bright and colorful, but one speaks of summer and the other of going back to school. Great choices as we shift our focus from the lazy days of summer to back to school.

The first photo may be a fair ride, but it reminded me of hot air balloons. I like to think out of the box, so I went with a hot air balloon ride for my subject. My parents recently went to Turkey and my step mom and little sister took in a hot air balloon ride over some spectacular scenery! I asked for some photos to use for this post. I REALLY love how this turned out. I stuck to the earthy colors of the photos instead of the bright colors of the fair ride, though I got them in as accents.

For the second photo, I did a layout that I've been wanting to do for some time. It cracks me up when I think of my two desks. I MUST have a nice and tidy desk at work in order for me to work well. I clean up between projects, minimize the clutter, have things place at just the right place. My craft space is the COMPLETE opposite. Usually I just shove enough things out of the way in order to get going on my next project. I do pick up, but just enough to make a little room to move. I really need to sort and organize, but no way is that getting in the way of my creative time! I thought a layout contrasting these two desks would be a fun piece to do. I used office supplies for my work desk and drippy paint and such for my craft desk.

I hope you find some inspiration in this month's photos and I can't wait to see what you create!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Doctor Who Mini Album

When I received my awesome TARDIS die cut, from ScrapStuffz by Stacia, in the mail, for my August reveal, I was soooo excited! It was awesome, really, it was. I decided that the larger size warranted using it to make a mini album and it would be perfect for photos of Adele and I, commemorating our time together and our obsession love of Doctor Who.

I placed the TARDIS on a piece of watercolor paper and traced the shape, giving ample room for a cool background and to give room for adding lots of photos inside. Then I grabbed some more paper and created a few more pages, four seemed to be good for the photos that I had. Next it was time to get artsy and create some backgrounds that were uber cool and spacey like. I chose a Gelli print that I had in my stash that had a suitably Whovian look. I used a bunch of adhesive and adhered it right to the paper. Next I added my TARDIS and adorned the light with a little gem.

For my first page, I used the technique that Tim Holtz used in his June tag. I took my favorite dot stencil from Crafter's Warehouse, inked in randomly with bright distress inks, sprayed with a little water, and placed it directly on to the two pages, using a paper towel to press down. It make a cool watery effect. Then I added some gear stamps, adhered my photos, adding gears, gems, and a key (you have to be able to get IN the TARDIS!). My photos didn't quite fit in the sketch configuration, but my gears are scattered much like the hexagons and I added the arrows in for the paper strips. The arrows convey action, motion and I thought they fit quite well.

For my next page, I dug in and found a super fun, super bright Gelli print (I love having a stash of prints to pull out for projects), and adhered to the paper. I stamped a circle stamp, in white, and hot air balloons, in black and outlined with white. More gears, and definitely gems, were all the page needed.

I have a lot of fun with the next page.  First, I used bead gel and my star stencil to add stars all over the page. Then I water colored with some blue shimmer paints. I removed the paint from the stars with a moist paper towel and then painted the stars with yellow shimmer paint. For the fun spacey bits, I applied gel over a cool techno style stencil, on a separate piece of watercolor paper, let dry, cut out the shapes, then dripped blue, red, and yellow ink, spritzing with some water so the colors would bleed. Of course, some more gears and gems were the perfect addition. I like that adding both of these lends both a masculine and a feminine feel to the page.

For my last page, I found a bright, fun Gelli print made using my gear stencil (hey, it's Doctor Who, there is a lot of machinery and gadgets!), adhered to the paper and then pulled out a circular stamp, stamped with a glue stamp pad, and sprinkled chunky metal glitter. I set this aside to dry and pulled out my gel and brushed edges and corners of my photos and added mica. I think this looked really cool. I pulled the pages back, but was not happy with how the glitter was holding on, and since this is a mini album, meant to be handled, I took it and sprayed with some spray art varnish. That totally did the trick and that glitter is there to stay! All I needed to do was add my photos, some more gears, and a few film strips.

I went ahead and pulled out another Gelli print to cover the back with, but I feel that I could simply add more pages in the future. All that needed to be done is bind it with my Cinch and I now have a wonderful memory of the fun Adele and I have together and with our obsession love of Doctor Who.

Be sure to upload your own project with your die cut or handmade embellishmen, maybe you even already have a die cut made by ScrapStuffz by Stacia, and the sketch made by Adele. If you don't have a die cut, you should be sure to order one, as they are awesome!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Gathering Place

I was so excited when I saw this month's inspiration photo at ScrapStuffz Inspired By! I love it! It's so cute and the perfect challenge to scrap my photos of the birds at my mom's feeder.  She has the coolest birds visit her. Cardinals, woodpecker, so many cute and colorful ones. We do not have cardinals where I live and I just love looking at them.  They are just so fantastic and I love sitting and watching them. It's amazing to sit and see a tree that is just dotted with all these cool birds.

I decided to add a bit of distress to my work. I used a wood grain stencil and some distress ink and water to make the watery moss like background, on top of the wood paper. I then took another stencil, a flower and bird one, some red distress ink and made the pop of red, in the background. I added my photo cluster and searched for a bird to add. I found this large wood bird and colored him red and added crackle over the top and positioned him atop some die cut twigs.

Take this opportunity to go out and look for some summer wildlife to photograph and share with us! I can't wait to see what you create.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello From Utah

This month's inspiration photo from ScrapStuffz was a super fun one. I just screams summer and vacation and fun, so was the perfect prompt for my epic trip to my BFF's house. Not only do I get to spend time with her, but two other friends and a crazy, whirlwind tour during the layover for another friend's daughter. I can't wait to see what the rest of my trip has in store for me!

I loved the brightly colored words, describing fun activities! I added fun letters and fonts directly on the photos in my grid. The words are all descriptive words about my trip. I also stamped icons on the photo too, resembling a infographic. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

I can't wait to see what you do with this fun prompt and the fun and colorful layouts you will create!

Monday, May 26, 2014


I got a chance to play along with Child's Play this month! Life has been so busy lately, that I haven't had a chance to play along with challenges for months. I happen to be visiting my friend and have some extra scrap time, and these photos that I took of my friend's dog were PERFECT for this prompt, Scooby Do.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden

The colors this week, at CSI, are just so striking! Love the blacks and greys, with the pop of that elegant burgundy. I thought they would be the perfect fit for my recent trip to the Japanese Garden in Portland.

I took my friend, from Phoenix, there.  It's one of the two places she asked to go to, and I was happy to oblige.  I love it there!  It is just so gorgeous.

I was really inspired by the journal prompt that took me to a site about writing maps.  Not sure what the kits are all about, but the idea of creating a map of the gardens, then placing photos of various places, on the map, instantly sprung forth.  I sketched out the map, went over it in pen, painted the paths with a grey color, and I used some cool Asian stamps in the deep burgundy to make a very distressed, old look around the edges.  I dug out my die cut machine and cut some Kanji out and sprinkled about the page, and added a die cut bridge, where the bridge really is.  It turned out pretty cool.

Evidence used: map, architectural, and metal

Testimony is little captions by each photo, all inspired by the Writing Maps site.

The case file

Friday, May 2, 2014


When I saw this month's inspiration at Scrapstuffz Inspired By, I instantly thought of gardens and spring.  Lots of flowers and butterflies.  But then I went to the Portland Japanese Garden and my thoughts turned to stones.  The Zen garden was the perfect place to highlight stone!

The day was gloriously sunny and the mix of the well placed stone, the raked gravel, and shadows cast by the overhead trees was so interesting, that I grabbed my camera and began to shoot the contrasts and design.  I knew I wanted use these photos for my layout.  I knew the colors weren't going to work, simplicity is best, but I did think I would add dragonflies and butterflies, from my Japanese die cut cartridge.

I applied some black paint, to watercolor paper, with a brayer, then took my comb tool and mimicked the lines of raked gravel.  I pulled a simple green piece of patterned paper and arranged my photos.  My cartridge has a bunch of Kanji letters, and one for Zen, so I used this as my title piece, with a little stamped translation underneath.  I added a coin to the title tag, and began to think about dragonflies and such.  Then it hit me, the piece was done, other than a little simple journaling (I wrote a haiku.  It just seemed fitting).  A layout on a Zen garden should, in fact, be utterly simple,  with no extra bits, that just don't support the story, so I was done.

The inspiration photo


Let's see what you come up with!