Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meeting Peeps IRL!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Wenatchee (renamed Wantohatchanegg by our Dallas peep), WA to meet with 9 fabulous scrappers that I met on the Club CK board.

What a blast we had!  It was not like we were all meeting for the first time, it was like we were old friends that had not gotten together for a while.  We all got along so well; there were no awkward moments at all!  There were so many laughs, some until tears were streaming down faces.

We all crammed together into a hotel room turned into a conference room, but I think it helped to get to know one another better because we were all essentially around the same table.  We got a lot of scrapping done too! 102 pages collectively.  We even spent one morning at the local scrap store.  We were joined by many flat peeps from around the country too.  They caused a few problems, but were fun to have with us.  And we help a Skype call with some of those not able to be there in person.

We are so doing this next year too!

The Most Likely to Spend a Night in Jail group of Laura, Becky, Adele, Amanda

The Flat Peeps join us in shopping

We took Craft Warehouse by storm!

Our Skype call.  We were joined by Kathy, Megan, Mary, Kim and Kim

All of us at Quiznos

Our small, but cozy craft space


Mary said...

Wonderful pictures...if I wasn't clear across the country, I would have joined you too!

Becky said...

Fun Fun memories!! And YES we HAVE TO do it again, year after year!!!!