Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stick Pin Tutorial

Beaded stick pins are quite popular these days in scrapbooking.  They can also be kind of expensive.  If you have a few pretty beads and a handful of head pins, you can make your own for a lot less!  A lot of bead stores will sell beads singly too.  Here are just a few easy steps to making your own pins.

Please forgive some of my out of focus photos.  It is really dark here today and I am trying to do this on my own and the camera was giving me fits on focusing.

First collect your supplies.  I used some crystals, some pretty pearls and flat head pins.  You could use fancy head pins for an added cool look.  I used Glue Dots to hold the beads on the pin where I wanted them, but you can also use Superglue.  I just didn't want to wait for it to dry.

Arrange your beads how you like them on the pin

I used a piece of a glue dot to hold the beads in place on the bottom bead.  I just stuck it on and formed it around the pin.  You could use Superglue here too.  Just remember to hold it upside down until it has dried enough to hold.  Then follow the package directions on how long it should sit until used.

Oi la, here you are; pretty pins to stick into an embellishment, under ribbon or however else you come up with for them!

Happy stick pinning!


Gloria said...

This seems simple enough to do and I like the idea of using glue dots instead of superglue so I'm definitely giving it a try! You sure got that tutorial done in a hurry! I'm impressed! Thanks!

Erika said...

totally <3 this Laura! THANKS!

Derv said...

Awesome. Now all indeed are some beads and some pins...

Ashley Horton said...

Very, very cute!! I love the way those turned out!! You are little miss crafty!! :)

Tulip Scrapper said...

I think even I could do this. Thanks for the tutorial!

Scott and Renae said...

Totally.. Making... these :D

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Very pretty! I have done something similar and loves the effects it has.