Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Thought About Hand Stitching

It's Thoughtful Thursday at Thinking*Through*Designs.  Today's thought is all about hand stitching and the interest and texture it can bring to your next project.  Come check out what Joni and Steffanie have brought you and the amazing layouts created by the Thoughtful Girls!


Stitching sample


  1. Very nice, Laura!!! I LOVE those flowers, they look like poppies, one of my faves!! Your stitching is fabulous, I really wish I had the patience to do that more often!

  2. Thank you, Kelly, but this thought was posted by Joni and Steffanie. Those poppies belong to Joni and they are wonderful!

  3. I haven't ventured into designing my own with vellum, but I would like to stitch my own letters so I probably will soon!

  4. Thanks for posting, Laura! I'm pretty excited to share this thought---I love to stitch on my pages! And Kelly, if you are referring to the first lo with the blue background, that's mine. Thanks!