Monday, August 20, 2012

Raging Waters

I recently signed up for a kit challenge on a scrapping message board that I belong to.  We were all sent the exact same kit with the exact same supplies and were given a sketch to follow.  As people started posting their layouts, it became apparent that just because you have the same stuff and same design, you can get very different layouts!  You don't have to use everything that came, but you should use a lot.  You could add cardstock for the base, ink and/or paint, and something for your title.  It really did amaze me how different all of our layouts looked.

I really love how mine turned out!  I had these photos of a hike we took just after Christmas where the water was super high and fast.  There really isn't any color in the photos, so they were giving me a bit of a hard time figuring out what to do with them.  I think the dark, grunge of the papers really help set the tone for the dark and dreary day we set out on.  The kit included a page of chevrons, which are my nemesis.  They can trigger a migraine in me and these where strong chevrons!  I went ahead and used them because when I cut them down, they made for lines that had a strong sense of movement in them which went perfectly with the rushing water.  They don't bother me too much once they've been cut down.

This was the first time I've taken part in a kit challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one!

The layout


  1. What an excellent design- seriously, Laura, your 2-pagers never fail to amaze me! The chevron strip just adds to the movement of your photos...great work my friend!!


  2. Love how you used the chevron to convey movement (like me!). I know you are not a big fan of chevrons but this is a perfect way to use this pattern without it being overwhelming. Nice work!