Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tis The Season 4 Joy

The Challenge:
Use photo strips on your layout or project.

Photo strips have been around for a little while, but looking through this issue, they are EVERYWHERE!   I love using them!  I most often use them when highlighting a lot of photos, like you are looking at a proof sheet.  There are many other options too.  You can stack photos like you took them in a photo booth, die cut some film strips to use as an accent, use some of the acetate film strips, they look pretty real, or as in my case, use a stencil to place the photos in.

Yes, I am just finishing last Christmas's photos right after this year's what of it ;)  I had printed these photos all off about a month ago, in a rather small size, but had no idea what the plan had been now because I waited so long!  I got this great film strip stencil for Christmas and decided to try it out.  I just painted right on top of my piece of patterned paper, using painter's tape to mask off what I didn't want painted, then used my fine tip marker to define the spaces and give it a cleaner look.  Then I took the photos and cut them down to size, rounded the edges, and placed them in the photo spots.  It was a great way to house a lot of photos on a single page and give the look of action, like the camera was set on burst mode.

I just added a few embellishments to the pre-printed paper and BAM, layout complete.  I look forward to using this stencil again!

The layout


  1. So fun Laura!! Love the multiple film strips and the use of the stencil! The photos look great on this MME paper and I love the little flags with the baker's twine!

  2. Great way to work in a lot of photos on one page! I like that the film strips have both vertical and horizontal alignment. I don't think I've seen them around. Who is the manufacture?

  3. Awesome! Love the photo strip challenge and your neat layout! A great way to use multi photos...hope to work on this one tomorrow at my monthly crop! Thanks for the challenge!