Wednesday, December 4, 2013


This was a real eye popping case this week at CSI!  I loved the boldness of the palette.  Such a change up after the soft, blue hues last week.  I wasn't sure what direction I was going to take, so I visited the journaling site, One Minute Writer, and found a prompt that sparked an idea.

Recently I attended my nephew's wedding.  It was held at a group campsite, deep in the high dessert woods.  The RSVP cards had lots of mentions about you attending, or not, with or without boots.  So we decided to find some cowboy boots to wear.  I found the perfect pair and right next to them was this great hat!  I picked them up and shot this photo to show friends that knew I was looking.  One of the One Minute Writer prompts was simply, "Boots".  The site has a little timer and you are to write for one minute, that's it.  Bam, done.

Evidence used: mesh, typewriter accent, typewriter font, frame, and gems

Testimony is from the journal prompt and is in the frame.

The case file

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