Saturday, May 3, 2014

Portland Japanese Garden

The colors this week, at CSI, are just so striking! Love the blacks and greys, with the pop of that elegant burgundy. I thought they would be the perfect fit for my recent trip to the Japanese Garden in Portland.

I took my friend, from Phoenix, there.  It's one of the two places she asked to go to, and I was happy to oblige.  I love it there!  It is just so gorgeous.

I was really inspired by the journal prompt that took me to a site about writing maps.  Not sure what the kits are all about, but the idea of creating a map of the gardens, then placing photos of various places, on the map, instantly sprung forth.  I sketched out the map, went over it in pen, painted the paths with a grey color, and I used some cool Asian stamps in the deep burgundy to make a very distressed, old look around the edges.  I dug out my die cut machine and cut some Kanji out and sprinkled about the page, and added a die cut bridge, where the bridge really is.  It turned out pretty cool.

Evidence used: map, architectural, and metal

Testimony is little captions by each photo, all inspired by the Writing Maps site.

The case file

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