Friday, February 6, 2015


Welcome to February CSI. This month's theme is Cold Case. Case files that just never got released for one reason or another.

I really loved the colors of this first case. I like the bold, sophisticated palette and thought with the nautical decorations in the background, I would so something costal. Then Kitchengetton happened....

I quickly realized that the color combo went so well with the huge mess that my daughter made in my kitchen. She was hosting our bunco group at my house because she lives in a third story apartment in a facility with little parking. She came over the night before to fill my crock pot with a pork shoulder that would become barbacoa pork for a salad. This recipe uses lots of Coke. The pork marinates in Coke over night, I add more Coke, plus seasonings in the morning and turn the crock pot on. She came over right after work to shred the pork and add the sauce. Of course the sauce calls for two more cans of Coke, plus enchilada sauce, brown sugar, and green chilies, you can begin to see where this is going to end up... The recipe calls for the sauce to be blended. The requires a blender, right? You try putting these ingredients into a blender and see what happens! Think Diet Coke and Mentos. From my relaxation location in the living room, I hear the briefest whir, a small splat, and "DON'T COME INTO THE KITCHEN!" I know she'll clean up any mess, so I don't worry. Then I hear, "Oh, I'm glad I brought extra clothes....Don't come in!" Now I'm curious. "Oh, my eyes... Maybe you should come see this... No, don't come in" *getting out of chair moving toward kitchen* All I can say was it was an impressive mess for so little sound effect. There was sauce EVERYWHERE. And it was sticky... I laughed. Then I started helping clean up. AFTER the photos were taken, of course. I think the floor was clean enough that we didn't have human flypaper after about the sixth wash with a bath towel. And the paper towels were next to the blender. Not helpful. We got it all sorted and what sauce was left got added to the pork. I told her that next time she could maybe blend all the ingredients except for the Coke and just stir that in later. The night was a success, meal delicious, fun was had, and I have photos and a story.

Evidence used: polka dots, stripes, wood, words as a design, metal, and string

Testimony is an acrostic poem
Always messy
Born this way
Chaos reigns in
Destructive waves
Explosions abound
Food like a Kraken
Getting into cracks
How did this happen?
I can’t believe it
Just go get a towel
Kitchen is a mess
Let out a good howl
Mop it all up
Never try that again
Oops…it’s sticky
Putting off my zen
Quiet, it will be ok
Really, I’m not mad
Sixth time mopping 
Totally not too bad
Underneath the cupboards
Very hard to reach
Wipe it all up
X-ray vision, I beseech
Yay, done!


Be sure to come and play with us this month to be eligible for some great prizes. This case will be open ALL month, so you have plenty of time.

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Colleen said...

Love it! I loved this color scheme when I saw it, and this story is AWESOME! The poem is so freakin creative. And the bursts- so cool. I can't even find the right adjectives to describe how much I love this page. Don't even get me started on how you wrote a poem...