Sunday, June 7, 2015

Got Ink

The office inspiration of this week's CSI case reminded me of these photos that I took of my fingers trying to re-ink a stamp at work. Try being the operative word! The opening for the ink was stuck shut and I had to fight to get the dumb thing open and got ink EVERYWHERE.

I decided to pull the frames and grid layout from the photo too. I cut some frames from fun paper, framing all the elements, from photos to journaling to the title to messy date stamping. Some ink splatters and smudges just finished it off.

Evidence used: stripes, ledger paper, wood grain, frames, and lightbulbs

Testimony is a list on how to re-fill, I mean not re-fill a stamp

1. Fight with case to open
2. Fling pieces apart - get inky
3. Pour new ink into res. - get more inky
4. Stamp - get inky
5. Repeat steps 3-4

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