Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Very First Layout

The other day someone asked to see our first layouts at Club CK.  She thought it would be interesting to see how we have grown since we started scrapbooking.  Boy, oh, boy have I come a long way!  I started out as a stamper.  I enjoyed creating cards and having fun with my friends.  There weren't very many stamp lines yet, but we had a good time.  When scrapbooking first came on the scene, it consisted of white pages, stickers funky scissors and cutting photos into shapes.  I resisted scrapping because I really didn't like the stickers.  One day I thought, "Hey, why not use my stamps?"  This was my entrance into scrapping and I have never looked back.  Today I enjoy both stamping and scrapping.  Here is a little peek into my first layout.  Someone commented on it saying, "Love the feet coming out of your head..."  Ha ha, never noticed that before.

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Renae said...

precious photos, and the feet coming out of your head is pretty good too ;)