Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome to the Family

I participated in a Game at Club CK called Chinese Whispers.  It's like Telephone.  The first person on the list starts out with a sketch and they make a layout and email a photo of the layout to the next person on the list, but not the sketch.  The next person makes a layout and sends it to the next person and so on.

I really loved this layout that I made!  I turned a one page into two (it's kind of expected that I do, lol) and it worked great for these family wedding photos.


Pamela said...

Sounds fun!! Great layout! :)

PattyC said...

Very pretty! Love the contrasting prints!

Tulip Scrapper said...

I love the contrasting prints, and the combination of the families. This will be a very special LO for your daugther.