Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wild Water

Welcome to Thoughtful Thursday!  Be sure to check out this installment of our thoughts at Thinking*Through*Designs.  This thought is all about adding a bit of fun with splattering!  You can splatter paint or ink and it just adds a level of interest as well as playfulness.

I chose these photos of Kayla's summer camp from last year and some of the water fun they had.  Adding blue splats to my papers, before adding photos, adds to the story of water drops flying.  You can use splattering like this, to reinforce the story, or to just add some texture and interest in an otherwise empty space.  I like the look and have been adding splattering to a lot of my projects.

Come on over and learn a thing or two about splattering on your next work of he{art}

The Layout


Ashley Horton said...

Love that blue background Laura, and the matching splatters are perfect for your water theme!!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

I agree with the blue splatters! A neat design, too!