Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bombin' Tradition

The Challenge:
Create a layout about one of you family's holiday traditions

Recently the wonderful woman that ran my favorite challenge at Club CK had to step down for a time in order to deal with some personal issues.  I have done the Issue Challenge every week, without fail, since I joined the club.  It is such a great idea that has us pouring over our magazines, looking for new ideas and techniques.  A group of us felt that it was an good enough idea, that we wanted to continue it in her absence. We brainstormed challenge ideas and picked 8 randomly.  It is hard to choose!  Then we assigned the weeks amongst us and got to work.  I had the first week and had already the idea to do this layout, so it worked perfectly.

I did my layout on something that was once an irritation, but has become a fun tradition. Every Christmas I would try to get a nice photo of my kids in front of Grandma's tree and they would do photo bomb after photo bomb! Finally, I would get a nice photo. Then I started looking forward to what goofy faces and poses they would come up with and thus was born a tradition. In fact last year they went right to the nice pose to throw me off and I made them "do it right"

The layout


Erin Blegen said...

Hilarious! I LOVE the story behind it! And you're so smart- we get all those horrible pictures anyways, why not make it a fun tradition? And then maybe it would even be "fun" to take a nice picture haha!

Love this- amazing design, I love your sense of humor and the way it comes across here so beautifully!


Andrea said...

cute page! i love the wood veneers!

Ashley Horton said...

Love that you guys are carrying on the Issue Challenges, Laura!! This is such a fun tradition...and I definitely always love seeing the crazy faces that your family can come up with in their photos!! :) Love how you used the out-takes, with the one great photo!!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

So the fun photos! I really like the design, negative border, and camera elements! Glad that you are going ahead with the Issue Challenges, thanks!