Monday, November 26, 2012

Surprise Surprise

The colors this week at CSI were super fun!  And some of the evidence prompts made it easy to choose the photos I wanted to use

I scrapped about the time my friend Adele surprised me by flying out to visit me.  I even went to the airport to pick up someone, I just thought that someone was a friend of John's!  We had a great weekend.  Steff even came down from Portland for some fun too.  I really felt loved and important all weekend long.  It still amazes me that someone would go through that much trouble for just me.

My evidence used was pom poms, frames, and something that shimmers.  My journal tags are housed in a vellum envelope that I made.

The layout

The case file


Ashley Horton said...

YAY for Adele!! She is so sneaky!! :) Great page to document her visit! Love how the Yellow and Purple work together and pom pom trim...FAB!! :) The argyle pattern down the side looks really cool!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Love the one....the doodling, texture, and vellum envelope! Great photos, too!

Devra said...

So pretty. I missed this post. I like the 'argyle' down the side.