Friday, January 17, 2014

Joural 52, week 1

Lately I have been totally digging the whole mixed media scene!  I just love getting messy with paint, ink, mediums. I love creating one of a kind works of art.

Recently I saw a friend joined a group of art journalists, called Journal 52.  They are an online group, from all over the world, who love art and want to learn more.  Each week there is a prompt to launch your weekly journal page, as well as some technique lessons.

The first week's prompt was Up Up and Away!  Sort of like a blast off into the new year.  There are so many ways one could go with this.  I like to think outside of the box and do something a little unexpected.  First, I replaced the title of the prompt and went more with the launching of my creativity.  It is, after all, why I am doing this, to launch my creativity and hopefully learn some things and grow along the way.

I have been really digging pages that have a lot of white outlining.  Always loved it, never got around to doing it, so this was my chance to play a bit and add white around elements.  I love it!  Will be doing it again.  I started this page off by using my Gelli plate kit that I got from Frog Dog Studio.  They are a mixed media kit club and put together so many cool items!  I did my prints on deli paper, about the consistency of tissue paper.  I like the translucent look and then I just adhere to my journal page.  It is also easier to pull the prints on the deli paper and not the journal.  The spiral gets in the way.  Next I placed a stencil and painted the up arrow, with yellow paint.  Then I used my favorite cloud stencil and some fiber paste to create the clouds.  I love fiber paste for clouds!  It's all kinds of good texture and so fluffy looking.  I grabbed some extra print pulls and stamped the hot air balloon, cutting around the edges.  I pasted these to the page. I found some word stamps that worked and the flock of birds.  Finally I set out with my white pen (I used the souffle one) and got to out lining.  I really love how it make everything pop!

I can't wait to get started on the second week's prompt! 

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