Thursday, January 16, 2014

Most Peculiar

The second in this month's installment of CSI cases with Adele.  As with the last case, as soon as I saw the peculiar people prompt, I knew this was perfect for us!  I just don't know anyone more peculiar than us!  We went about town and took some photos of us doing fun and strange things (we had a ball), then put them together into our layouts.  The sketch was perfect for showcasing a number of photos too.

Evidence used: circles, planets, something unexpected.

Testimony is on peculiar people.  "I am the most peculiar person I know.  Then you came along.  You get me.  You think like me.  You think like I do. You love to have fun.  Together we confound the world and I am so very glad we met."

The case file


Andrea said...

what a great layout full of texture!

csewy-csescrap13 said...

Wow! Love all of the texture, colors, and neat designs! Cute photos of you and Adele, too!