Monday, February 17, 2014


I just got back from the most amazing trip to Yellowstone, in the winter!  I've never been at any time of the year, but I could tell that winter there is something special.  The thing that struck me the most was the amount of steam....EVERYWHERE!  All those thermals and heated rivers just send off massive amounts of steam.

This week's CSI case file was perfect to tell this story.  And the sketch worked really well.  I found that a lot of my landscapes got cropped to almost panorama size, so I replaced the multi photo strip with one longer photo.  Instead of a round photo, I went with a portrait orientation to maximize the steam plume.  The bit of this and that, rising from the circular photo, was perfect for a steam plume!  And luckily I had a couple of bling flourishes laying around! I had wanted to chalk some steam too, but didn't have any so I dabbed some white ink in my fingers and blended it into the page to give that plume feel.  I feel that the black base really set all this off well.  As my final touch, I outlined some some Basic Grey letter spaces left in one of my letter packs, in white, to give that extra little bit of transparent feeling.

Evidence used: solid background, jewels, lace

Testimony: 3 interesting things about your subject.  "Yellowstone in the winter is a land filled with steam.  Everywhere you look, steam rises.  The rivers steam even.  The thermals drain into them.  The steam plus the extreme cold makes for the most amazing frost too!"

The case file

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  1. It's a fantastic LO and the photos are amazing!