Friday, March 21, 2014

Dancing Mud

At first glance, the CSI colors this week really freaked me out!  But after breathing into the paper bag for a bit, I thought of these boiling red mud photos from my recent trip to Yellowstone.

These photos were taken at one of the thermal features and this pool just had this vibrant, boiling mud! It was so cool.  I took many photos here, trying to get the best flare ups and droplet action.

Evidence used: lace, mesh, clouds, and mixed media

Testimony was done with the free write technique.  You set a timer for a minute and write whatever comes to mind, no worrying about spelling or punctuation.  "Boiling, churning, spitting mud.  Dancing in the steam and fog.  Red like the center of the earth, like some unearthly being."

The Case File

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