Friday, April 3, 2015

Winter Sky

I just loved this case at CSI. Love the colors, love the travel theme, love the writing prompt for a haiku, then I found that I had map paper in the colors. And not just map paper, map paper with clouds! With the large format photo, I only needed to add a few other things. A couple of stamped travel pieces, die cut clouds and compass rose, and a bit of wood and metal. The strips of paper were actually on the end that you cut off the patterned paper. I thought the arrows fit nicely with the travel theme. I added some water color to the stamps, clouds, and compass rose and boom, all set.

This photo was taken as we left San Francisco. It had been a super storm night and the rain continued in the morning, but as I looked back at the city from the Golden Gate Bridge, The clouds were just breaking over the city, letting the sun shine through. It was a very moody scene.

Evidence used: map print, globe/travel images, metal, and stamps.

Testimony is a haiku
The pale frigid dawn
Winter is saying "Good day"
The city ablaze

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