Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fairy Forest

Let's be honest, when I saw the color scheme and the inspiration photo for this collaboration case at CSI, I had NO idea what to do with it! Looking at the photo, I thought of fairytales which reminded me of this photo I took whilst hiking in the Redwoods. I remember editing photos when we got home and my husband telling me that it didn't look real. It really didn't, and that was the unedited photo! I added an action that accentuated the fairytale look even more and it made it into a really cool photo, so I decided to go with it. You would just expect to run into fairies here!

One of the evidence prompts was to use flowers and I had recently obtained this flower cut from The Cut Shoppe and thought cutting them out really big would just add to the unreal look. I cut them in white and used watercolor to fill them in. I then cut some large clouds and painted them too. Some watercolor splatters just finished off the background. I had picked up a bunch of metal charms at a gem fair and hung 3 of them from this little clip. I love the fancy leaves. All that was left was to cut a title and add the painted wooden butterfly. Turned out to be a really simple layout, but fills the page.

Evidence used: flowers, clouds, paint, metal, wood

Testimony is about a fairytale place.

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