Saturday, May 2, 2015

Your Eyes

A new month of CSI cases! I really loved how this one turned out. The photo is from a recent trip to the coast. I looked over at my husband and the reflection in his glasses was just really cool. It took a bit to get the photo just right, but I got it. Made me think of how he thinks of things so differently from me, especially about me.

I flipped the sketch so the photos were at top and replaced the sheets of paper with grungy crackle paste. I'm told it looks like Africa, but I didn't have a shape in mind when I did it. The crackle paste is really cool and I love the way the ink makes the cracks even more dramatic. The rest of the background was made by spraying ink and spritzing with water to give that watery look. I then stamped some random background stamps in the background. I used my new nautical stamps, from Tim Holtz to make some embellishments. I love how the metal boat wheel and prop fit in so nicely. I used burlap for my matte to create texture and because it's a bit manly. Gears and coins hint to buried treasure. A little washi tape and some twine finished the piece off.

Evidence used: fabric, washi tape, bottle, watercolor

Testimony is a poem I wrote, framed in the bottle

You look at me
I see the sea
You see the world
Me, as a pearl
Look in your eyes
My spirit rise

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  1. You have some serious talent. I really like the technique that you use. I agree that it looks a bit like Africa. :)