Saturday, November 5, 2016

Birds Of Sierpe

We saw so many animals on our day spent in the Sierpe River Delta. I mean SO many animals, of all different varieties! We had a river boat and 2 guides for the day. They know just where to go to get the best chances of seeing as many different animals as possible. AND they have eyes like eagles. It's amazing that they could spot what they spotted, all from a moving boat. there were tons of birds, in all flavors and colors. We had one participant who doesn't do photography, so she had a bird guidebook and was ticking off the photos of what we saw and I am so thankful because I used her book to help identify what I saw later. It was too much to take in at the time. I never knew there were so many varieties of heron. I mean we have the Great Blue Heron here, where I live, but there are so many other kinds and some are down right strange looking! We saw some very rare birds too and it's a wonder because they look just like the tree branch. We even saw some juvenile Macaw, about ready to leave the nest (more on that at the end of October). It was a truly spectacular day.

Evidence used: stripes, stamping, feathers, vellum, watercolor

Testimony is about the huge variety of birds and their personalities. "Traveling through the Sierpe Delta, we saw so many birds! Thanks to our river viewpoint and the sharp eyes of our guides, we got to experience a wide variety of awesome birds and watch all of their antics. Each one is so different. 12.9.15"

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