Saturday, November 5, 2016

Buenos Noche

I am still working on my Costa Rica album. Nearing the end, but there is still more to share. I did need a back page and I thought these colors were perfect for the photos we took of an amazing sunset in the cloud forest on our last night. We weren't sure we'd get sunset colors as the day had been quite rainy and dreary, but we went up above the clouds and waited. Then, all of a sudden, there was a gap in the clouds, and the yellow of the evening sun broke through. As the sky went through the sunsetting motions, the colors intensified and made for a stunning view. All of the trees and hills became silhouetted, adding cool layers and framing. A great treat for out last night and very appropriate for my ending page; this is good night, not good bye.

Evidence used: dots, grid pattern, scallops

Testimony is a list of all of my takeaways from our trip

As our time closes, I reflect on my favorite things:
Meeting fun people
Amazing animals
Learning new things
Great food 
The beautiful land

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