Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another San Fran Memory

Missing bands kids and traveling down Memory Ln; A look back at last year's jazz band and choir trip.

The whole reason for traveling is to play/sing music!  These kids love music and love performing.  One of the great things about the San Fransisco trip is that there is no competition; no judge sitting there with a pencil writing down every last mistake.  We are able to play just to share music with those passing by.  It is something else to set up in a public place and watch people walking by decide to sit and listen.

We played in three different public venues: Ghiradelli Square, Great America and Golden Gate Park.  Here are the layouts I made for each.

This was such a fun place to play!  It was kind of tight so the sound was pretty amazing and quite the crowd gathered too.

The carousel at Great America makes for a dramatic backdrop for a mini concert!  The kids look good, they sounded good and the even brought in a little swing dancing.  After we played, we got to spend the rest of the day riding rides.  Great place to go!

I think this is the coolest place I have ever watched the kids play!  This amphitheater is just amazing.  The shape really puts the sound out into the audience even though the space is huge.  It was a gorgeous day with a brilliant sky.  The photos of my son and his friends are two of my all time favorites!  After we played, we spent the day at the CA Academy of Science.

The dudes; spy style

Yep, that's pretty much how they roll!

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