Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cloud Challenge

The Challenge: make a layout using clouds, one of the super trendy elements right now

Actually, I love the use of clouds going on right now!  I have used them in a few of my more recent layouts.  I had been kicking the idea of using used dryer sheets around in my mind and I thought they would be perfect for clouds since they are all sheer and cottony looking.

I chose these photos of a hike John and I did last summer on the Browder Ridge trail.  It was really pretty.  There was sort of a halfway point where you could take in the mountains so we stopped there for a snack.  We were having trouble understanding where the trail onwards was so we started poking around.  We found what we thought was the trail, but it sort of petered out and was really hard to walk on.  It was a trail, and the book talked about it being hard to find at some point, but we thought it was a little ridiculous!  After a while, we realized that we were not on the people trail, but an elk trail.  We turned around and went back but I took the photo of the meadow in the vertical photo first.  I was really pretty, there was nothing like it anywhere else on the hike and we would have missed it if we had not gone that way.  We decided we would just turn around and go back to the car when we found that the trail where we entered the vista point kept on going up and so we followed it.  We did not make it all the way to the top of Browder Ridge because the weather started taking a turn for the worse and it looked like there may be a thunderstorm and we did not want to be there when it did.

Another little side piece of fun facts: There was a forest fire somewhere nearby and we watched the helicopters flying water in to fight it at various points along the way too.

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DanaMK said...

Really, really pretty! I love that meadow shot - gorgeous! You're doing a great job with the clouds trend! I have no idea how to use them right now.