Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Am Worthy

I just finished a project designed my Amanda at lovejoypaper.  She had us make a mini album that helped us think about our worth and what was worthwhile to us.  She gave us 10 words.  We were to find or take a photo that expressed what the words meant to us and then we were given journal prompts to help us journal about each.  The next week or so I will be sharing my book and the photos I used to symbolize each word.  If you are interested, head on over to Amanda's blog and search out the I Am Worthy project.  She has the words, the overlay files and the journaling prompts there for you to use.  I actually had a lot more to say than I thought I would.  It was a really good exercise.

The front cover

The inside page and first word photo.  The journaling is on the other side.  I chose a loving photo of the man of my heart.  I do love him so :)

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