Monday, July 4, 2011

Search & Rescue

The Challenge:
Use a ruler in your layout

I got to spend a few days acting as a "hider" for a friend and her co-searcher so they could do a dog training.  I would take my trusty GPS, SAR radio, a bag of tags and hit a trail.  I would leave little clues as to where I went so they would know if their dog was on target or not.  When I found a good spot to be lost and hurt in, I would set down with a book and a snack and wait for the dog in training to find me.

What fun!  I had never done anything like this and I really enjoyed it.  I laid easy trails for the dogs just learning and harder ones for the experts (they all need to work on their skills!)  My friend said that they need to do these "fun" finds also because in reality, when you go on a real search, mostly likely you won't be the ones to find the person and you need to remind the dog that this is fun!

My friend's dog, Joey, seemed to really like me.  Either that or he didn't have much hope for me, lol.  I think he knew I was going to get "lost" a lot so he stayed close to me; followed me wherever I went!  I think he was just trying to save himself work later on ;)

My favorite "hide" was when my friend said she wanted a longer hike with some bush whacking involved.  So, I head up the side of the mountain, through all the brush and up onto this ledge where I could see them work the trail.  She was worn out by the time she got to me.  I guess Joey drug her up that mountain so fast she said it was like water skiing without the skis or a boat.  And she said she kept passing over the lovely little trail and wondered why I just didn't take it.  She said bush whack!  We kept going up and came to an incredible view of the Three Sisters!  That is me with Joey in the bottom left photo on the right hand page.  He wasn't about to let me out of his sight ;)


Tulip Scrapper said...

What a wonderful thing to do. We recently had one of our coworkers lost in the mountains and the SAR people were wondeful.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

That sounds like a blast! You get exercise and then you get to relax while they look for you :) And when they do find you I am sure there all sorts of tail wags!