Monday, February 27, 2012

Watch a Movie With Me

The Challenge:
Create a layout either about the movies you enjoy watching with your loved one or an activity you enjoy doing together.

I decided to do the movies that John and I like to watch together.  They are mostly action/spy type movies, but John recently discovered Leap Year and liked it.  Probably because he is a lot like Declan, lol.

I had some ideas that I wanted to do, like the marquee, but I struggled with how to display the movies without just having them sitting there.  I remembered a sketch by Page Maps that used photos hung on a clothes line and thought this might work as a way to have my movies grounded to the page.  I found these cute papers by Authentique that had the tickets on them and thought they would be perfect.  The line also included sticker tickets too.  Then I went online and searched for popcorn and movie tickets.  I had no trouble finding a popcorn box, but could not find anything I liked for the popcorn.  I ended up just drawing them and then cutting them out.   I love how cute and fat they turned out.  Finally, I found a site where you could personalize a movie marquee so I made this into my title and rimmed it with yellow gems.  When  I took the photo, the sun was shining off the gems, making them look lit up!

The layout


Steffanie said...

Well done! Love all the little movie elements!

okanogangirl said...

I love how you hung the movie "posters" from the mini clothes pins! Fun

DanaMK said...

Very cool way of doing this LO! Love it!