Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The Challenge:
Create a hybrid layout.  (one that uses digital and paper)

I did this layout for two challenges.  I did the Issue Challenge that calls for us to create a hybrid layout and I also used it for this week's CSI challenge.

My dad and I spent last Saturday out shooting photos.  We had a blast!  We intended to play with our macro lenses, but we ended up going back and forth between that and our telephoto lenses!  There was a ton of bird action out there.  It was a gorgeous day and I guess the birds wanted to enjoy it too.  We went to a nearby wildlife refuge and saw two huge groups of Canadian geese sitting in a field right by the road.  There were thousands.  They sat there all afternoon, flying from group to group.  On our way out of the park, we swung by to see if they might all take off since it was getting onto evening.  We watched for a while, taking photos of the smaller groups moving between the two groups and then photographed a couple of hundred geese, flying in to join their friends, from someplace else.  We had just decided to move on and my dad stopped to photograph a nice reflection that he saw when, all of a sudden, the largest group all took off!  They flew over and joined the smaller group and those geese flew into the air to meet their friends.  It was awesome!  Geese everywhere, flying every direction, right next to us!  I'll never forget the thrill.

I knew these would be great photos to use for the CSI challenge.  I used paint as my wet medium, black gems, striped paper and I used a digital frame around the photos.  I chose to journal about what the photo meant to me.  There is much more majesty in taking to the air than sitting around where it's safe.

The layout

The case file


Stacia said...

This is awesome......Love the pearl flourishes...I can't seem to find those type anywhere around here!!!

Ashley Horton said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Laura!!! What an awesome job with both challenges! I love how you used the colors for CSI and that you used paint!! :) And I really love the little peeks of burlap sticking out!! My newest favorite, most definitely!!

jeanie g said...

Love these photos and tour take on the CSI challenge.