Sunday, January 29, 2012

Barren Beauty

The Challenge:
Use brown, teal, and purple for your layout colors

I had used green and purple for my layout about Tenas Lake and we went up to the observatory right after that hike, so I thought I would keep it going.

It really is quite a sight to see these badlands.  For such a green state, it is a reminder of the volcanic past.  Some of the mountains are not dead, there are changes to them each year.  I guess it's a reminder of a possible future too.  Even though the landscape looks bleak, I see a beauty there.  You can see most of the big, snow topped peaks in the state and the contrast between blue sky, white snow and black lava is very stunning.  I love this place as it has maps and windows that let you gaze on these pretty peaks and lets you know what you are looking at.  It is a quite popular place to go.  The highway that leads here is the old highway between the valley and the high desert.  It was also the wagon train way over the mountains.  I can not imagine trying to get through here in a covered wagon!

I decided to go with no real embellishments on this one, to go along with the barrenness of the landscape.  I decided to, instead, add extra journaling.  I just gave it a touch of twine.  I like the distressed look of the journal blocks too.

The layout

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Fi said...

WOW great pictures but I am sure that not as nearly good as been their in the flesh viewing them. Thanks for the journalling as well.