Sunday, January 15, 2012


I have started a Thanks Living book.  It is a whole way of looking at life that has been started by my good friend Erika at ClubCK.  She is challenging us to identify things every single day that we are thankful for.  This goes beyond the month of thankfulness that happens in November, but really looking at your life and finding the many blessings you have.  Even on the hardest days there are things to be thankful for.  I know recently when I had a  really difficult day, I had to sit and really think. One of my choices was I was thankful that the day was over.  There is always something we can give thanks for.  And you know what?  I felt better after writing them down.

To go along with this mindset of thankfulness, she is challenging us to make a layout on one of the things we journaled about each month.  She is also using the challenge to talk about design and how we can use the principals to be better scrappers.  This month's principle was all about lines and how we use lines on our layouts to direct the viewer's eye and focus.  My layout started with a Z line, but I'm not sure it held it.  That was the goal though.

I chose to do my layout on my resolve to be better fit.  I have started a program, which I downloaded to my iPod, called Couch25K.  I am thankful for so many things that go along with this subject.  I am thankful for my good health and my ability to run, my supportive husband who went and bought me good stuff to help me (he told me that he was proud of me today!), I am thankful for the technology that allows me to be successful and inspires me, and I am thankful for a beautiful place in which to achieve this goal!  I kind of wrapped all that into this one layout.

I was also inspired by the challenge at Frosted Designs to use paint.  I splattered the background with blue paint to draw out the blue in the photos.


  1. Beautiful, gorgeous page Laura!!! And is that some more yellow I am seeing on there??!! The pictures are totally showcased on this one and I love how you used this one for your Thanks Living page!!

  2. Great job! I love the photos you chose! I'm still planning my layout but it's getting there!

  3. Love this layout! Probably one of my faves of yours...maybe because of what its about...but also everything else!