Tuesday, June 14, 2011

San Fransisco Attractions

We were able to go to some really cool places on our trip to San Fransisco last year.  There is nothing like running from ride to ride with a bunch of excited teens at an amusement park or watching the faces of discovery at a science museum or to witness a silent appreciation for hard times and the thoughts of being locked up at Alcatraz.  Here are some layouts showing these things.

We spent the afternoon at The CA Academy of Sciences.  It was a pretty cool place.  There was a huge biodome in the center of the building that was set at tropical temperatures and humidity and there were live birds, butterflies and fish that were free to roam at will.  You walked up a ramp that took you 3 stories high so you can see all the levels of the rain forest.  Then you got into an elevator and it plunged you down below the surface of the water so you can see what goes on down there.  As you walk out of the rain forest area, you walk into a huge ocean aquarium.  On top of all this, there were displays on Africa, a solarium, fossils and a mammal display.  The food was fabulous too!

Bryon's friends decided that he needed to man up and conquer The Tower.  I watched from the sidelines (I am terrified of heights!) while he nervously made his way through the line.  When it was his turn and he was in place, he looked like he was going to throw up!  On his way down though, you could see the excitement and accomplishment he felt.  He did drag me up there later in the day... I have to say, it is an interesting experience.  I think I would go again.

We were lucky enough to be able to take the night tour of Alcatraz.  They only take two ferries worth over for this time tour and you have to get tickets months in advance.  Luckily we have a rockin' bus driver!  The boat takes you around the back side of the island so that you completely encircle it.  The driver also gives a lot of information.  The lighting was just amazing and the buildings looked so cool.  There were a lot fewer people in the building too so it had a more lonely, quiet feeling that was kind of creepy.  There were also extra talks and information sessions.  I learned a lot about Al Capone's stay there and how it really did break him down when he just bought people in all the other prisons he stayed in.  It is a sobering experience to tour this place.

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