Monday, June 27, 2011

One Day 6/25/11

Whew!  I am very tired today.  I didn't get a lick of scrapping in this weekend (but I did take around 275 photos!) because our church did an outreach work party for one of the local elementary schools in our community.  It was a school that needed some love.  Our Pastor asked the question, "If we had a 100 people sign up, what could we do in one day?"  He went to the school that is just two doors down from where he lives and asked if they had any needs and would they like us to come.  Boy, did they have needs and they were overwhelmed by the desire for people to come work for a day.  We had 140 people from our church sign up, a second, Spanish speaking, church sent people and teachers, administrators and a couple of families from the school also showed up!  We did so much.  The answer to the question, "How much can we do in one day with all of us working together?", is quite a lot!  We did all the outside landscaping, painted a lot of the exterior (the places with graffiti and sun damage), painted the playground structure, re-painted all the parking lines and playground lines, re-painted a map of the US that was almost gone, fixed a planter and landscaped the courtyard, planted new plants in an overgrown area, painted flower pots and gave flowers to the surrounding neighborhood.  We will go back right before school starts and spread bark and spruce things back up for the kids.

Here is the story the news crew did
Malabon Clean-Up Story

And here is a slide show from my photos
One Day 6/25/11 Photo Show

Thanks for looking.  I can't wait to be able to scrap the day!

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