Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Oregon Coast

I did this layout for a double purge swap.  The idea is to be paired with another scrapper.  You each make two kits, one for you and one to mail out to the other person.  You then make a layout with your kit and the other person's kit.  This was my kit.  It's funny, two people that have the exact same supplies can make two very different layouts!

I chose to scrap the day at the coast with my family.  It had been quite a while since we went and did anything with just the four of us.  We had a great day!

And here is Stacia's with the same kit.  It is so interesting to see the differences!


okanogangirl said...

Fun to see your different styles! Love the ocean pictures.

DanaMK said...

I love both layouts! And they are so different! Very pretty!

mommy2alyson said...

This was such a fun challenge...I think we should do it again! Thanks for posting my layout as well! :)