Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wedding Invitation Marathon Palooza!

Saturday we spent 12 hours working on wedding invitations!  Oiy, my back was killing me!  We busted out a lot of work though and will only need one more, shorter session.  We are getting there!

Here is a peek at what we worked on

We are making about 120 of these.  This is the top 2/3.  The bottom 1/3 will be an area with a pocket for the RSVP and other info.  It is embossed with the little flowers that are on the thank you card.

We made 90 of these babies.  That is 630 pearls that I glued down!  Crazy!


DanaMK said...

So, so pretty!

stacie1963 said...

very nice! I really like the colors too! You do great work!