Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wicked Good Time

Wicked came to town recently and my hubby bought tickets for us to go!  I was so excited.  I whipped out my new cell phone with the retro camera apps and took a couple of photos of us in the lobby waiting to go in and then one of the curtain before the show started.

It was a great show!  The set was amazing.  There were these gears all over the place and they even moved and did stuff.  The dragon lit up and blew out smoke at the opening of the show.  Clocks were kind of important too so I found some of these elements to use to scrap this event.  This is my first ever vintage look layout.  It was kind of fun :)

We made it to three of the Broadway shows this year.  I hope to make more next year.  Beauty and the Beast is coming :)  My Fair Lady too.

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DanaMK said...

So fun! I've heard that Wicked is a great show! I've only been to one show (in London). It was The Lion King and it was awesome!