Friday, April 27, 2012

Baron Vs Baron

The Challenge:
Turn your journaling into a decorative strip or some other decorative element

So this Issue Challenge was mine.  Erika had to be out of town and asked me to issue the Issue Challenge (tee hee).  When flipping through my magazine, I came across a super cute layout that had the prettiest paper strips.  I was about to turn the page when I realized that the script strip was actually the journaling for the page.  I loved it, I wanted to do it!  It worked well for a story that required more writing than usual too.

This layout is about the soccer game my family played last summer where only half the other team showed up so they sent players over to play for them so they could actually play and not just go home.  It was a blast!  Everyone was laughing and it was great camaraderie with the other team.  We had father vs son, brother vs sister, husband vs wife, father vs daughter.  At one point Bryon and Kayla were playing on opposite sides and the ball was up in the air, coming toward them.  Kayla was all set to get the ball and go when Bryon started screaming, "DON'T GET THAT BALL!"  It so freaked Kayla out that she just shriveled up and Bryon stole the ball and went on to score.  Kayla talked the ref into giving Bryon a red card (just for fun, not for real).  I think this was my favorite game to watch!

The layout


Ashley Horton said...

Awesome page, Laura! Love the green, blue, and yellow and that you also used the little kraft strips to label each of your photos!!

Erin Blegen said...

I just love all the action here- the design is just perfect for a sports layout and I love the colors too! Nice work :)!

Kelly Jean said...

Love this page! What a funny story!

reen said...

Ack! I would've loved that game! Love your layout, great memory to have recorded.