Friday, April 20, 2012

Monsters In My Phone

The colors this week at CSI  were quite frightening!  But then again, there were monsters.  And totally cute ones too!

For my evidence I used the monsters, a zig zag stamp, pom poms, and framed my page in black (hard to see here though)

My testimony begins with "Once upon a time" and reads: Once upon a time, I opened my phone and found all these little monsters!  How did they get here???  John, Kayla and Bryon are their names.

They got a hold of my phone at a restaurant one time and took all these goofy photos while I was distracted, lol

The case file


okanogangirl said...

oh my goodness - I LOVE this page - theme and those little monsters are cute! LOL...But I have to ask, has the fam seen this page yet ;) LOL

Kelly Jean said...

I love this. Super super awesome. And what s cool idea for a challenge.

blsd2scrp said...

too darn cute! I love this page!

Steffanie said...

Cute! Love the title!

Ashley Horton said...

Those pictures are HILARIOUS!! What a fun way to scrap them! I love the cute little monster border you did at the bottom and the color scheme looks great on this one, Laura!! :)