Friday, September 28, 2012

Laura & Dad's Great CA Adventure

The challenge:
Use numbers on your next project

My dad and I recently took a trip to attend a family funeral.  The occasion was hard, difficult, and sad, but spending time with family was so wonderful.  Especially the road trip with my dad.  I didn't bring my big camera, instead I just used my phone and the Instagram app.  I am loving this app more and more.  For one thing, I always have it with me and the filters are super fun and you really do get those snapshots of life; just your ordinary day.  And on a 12 1/2 hour drive, it is something to do.

I complied all my snapshots of things along the trip, printed them out, and placed them in a grid pattern.  The idea I got for using numbers comes from the Visa commercials that give the prices of items purchased and then the punchline is the time spent or the joy given is priceless.  That is how I felt about this trip.  We spent many hours going many miles, but time with my dad was priceless.

The journaling says:
753 miles
5 days
2 In-N-Outs
34 family members
105 degress
time spent with my dad - priceless

The layout

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  1. I love this layout! Neat idea documenting all of the numbers relating to your trip. The pics are great!