Friday, October 18, 2013


I am enjoying my month of guest designing for Child's Play!  I have just recently checked them out and I'm so glad I did!  I always thought it was just for moms with young kids because toys are the inspiration.  I soon found out that the toy photos were just a tool to bring out the kid in me!  And take me back to childhood.  I have actually had fun thinking outside the box doing something unexpected.  Enter Pete's Dragon.  This is so a movie from my childhood and loved watching it, but what do I pull for inspiration???  Lately I have been saying, "For the love of Pete!", a lot and that would just make the perfect topic for my layout.

I have been group texting with a bunch of iPhone users, but I have an Android phone.  I have an app that makes it pretty easy, but it can be totally frustrating too.  It's slow, I am frozen when messages are downloading, and every now and then my messages split out to go to each individual.  I would get a bunch of messages back telling me that only they received it...duh... Enter FTLOP!  They know that a split message followed by these letters means I know exactly what happened and that it has totally frustrated me.  I just took a screenshot of one such instance, printed it off and created a layout about it.

Come join us and find some inspiration and find YOUR inner child!

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