Monday, October 28, 2013

Mt Hood

My last Guest DT layout for Child's Play.  It was a fun month and look forward to playing along again next month.  This month was the game, Risk.

I was inspired by first, the name Risk and taking risks in life and second, the world map.  So I went on a hunt for photos that had to deal with risks and travel.  I came across these photos of the hubby and his friend climbing Mt Hood.  Talk about a risk!  In fact, a snowboarder died this day, after they were done with their climb.  They had never been up this mountain and didn't have a ton of time to put into planning either.  Talk about the view and they have some fabulous stories to share. And they are smart people and don't take unnecessary risks either.

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Steffanie said...

LOVE!!! Especially the title! But really...everything!