Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Scandia Festival

Plugging right along in my month of guest designing for Child's Play.  This week is stringing beads.  
The letter beads and stringing gave me the idea to hang my title, or at least part of it, although, you could have strung up a variety of shapes.  The letters even look like little beads.

These photos are from a recent trip to a local festival.  The town was settled by a large group of Scandinavian peoples, so they hold a festival each year.  Every day is in honor of a different Scandinavian country.  There are booths with food and art and trinkets, as well as singing and dancing in native costume.  I have always enjoyed the meat pies, so we went out one day and had a little treat and looked around.  One of our friends was working there and was in full costume.  She is hilarious and totally gets into character and is a great actress.

I hope to see you come over and find your inner child!

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