Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tide Pool

And onward I go in my quest to catch up from the Summer of Chaos.  One of my favorite places to go is to the coast.  Nothing quite settles my overwhelmed mind like the soothing sound of the crashing surf and the salty air.  It has become our go-to escape.  I was so excited to see that Tim Holtz released the sea life blueprint stamps!  I go so often, I know I will use them a lot.  I actually ordered in the car on my trip back home.  I love going to this particular beach.  It has a gorgeous lighthouse and fun tide pools.  The perfect subject for my new stamps, right?

To create the background, I applied some bead gel medium through a circle stencil, then stamped the circles with a pale grey.  Next, I stamped three sea life blue prints right on my page and used watercolors to fill them in.  Add my photo cluster, and some twine with a few metal tags hanging down.  Simple, yet really pretty and peaceful.

Evidence used: polka dots, suspend something, ribbon, watercolor, and tie something.

133 - Tide Pool 

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