Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tree Bones

Back to my Summer of Chaos catch up.  I really loved this CSI case.  I loved the colors, the inspiration photo, the prompts.  I have a special place in my heart for Asian design.  Love the looks and mixes of color and pattern.  I was excited to be able to play with the design for this case.  I took my friend from Phoenix to the Japanese garden when she was here.  It's one of the few places she requested to go.  I love going.  There is a Japanese maple there that is somewhat famous.  There are whole websites and Flickr groups dedicated to That Tree.  I remember the first time I saw it; I almost walked right passed it!  To get the uber cool photos, you need to lie down on the ground.  This time, the leaves were not on the trees so I took a series of photos of the "bones" of the tree.  I love how they twist and turn and look like a gnarled old man.

To make my page, I used a brayer and just a touch of cream paint to create a matte.  Then I took an Asian writing stamp and added on top of the paint.  I found an assortment of patterned paper bits from 6x6 pads and punched them into hexagon shapes.  This is part of Asian decorating to me; they use patterns and colors together that you wouldn't normally thing to use.  I arranged the pieces into a quilted like pattern, then added the photo cluster on top.  I took some other Asian style stamps and stamped and fussy cut them, turning them into corner brackets.  All I needed to do was add a tag with my title and a few bits and write a Haiku.  I LOVE Haiku.  I even looked up the Kanji for Tree Bones

132 - Tree Bones 

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