Monday, August 8, 2011

Hay Fever Festival

The Challenge:
Use the blank space on a sheet of letter stickers or die cut letters to trace your title.

I needed to get my Hay Fever Festival photos scrapped so I chose to do them for this challenge.  I like the look of the letters for the subject; it adds a great touch for the subject.   I decided to trace just the first letter of each line in my title for this challenge.  I liked the look of the letters for this.  They are really cool letters too!  I guess this is a good way to be able to use them more than the one that is on the sheet.   I also love the look of the stitching template I used and the cobwebs and spiders.


Kath said...

I LOVE the layout!! Very cool title, stitching and colors!!

DanaMK said...

So cute! I love the colours and yes, your cobwebs and spiders are great!