Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Venue

I participated in a round of Chinese Whispers at Club CK.  The first person of a group selects a sketch and sends it to the next person in the group.  This person creates a layout and emails a photo to the host and the next person in the group.  And that person creates a layout based on the photo they got, not the sketch and passes it on down the line and when everyone has done a sketch, there is a big revel to see how close the layouts all stayed or just how different from the sketch they turned out to be.  I have played twice and have been on the sketch end of the list both times.  This time I am last on the list and I am waiting to see what the original sketch looked like and see just how different (or similar) my layout is!

Here is my layout.  I used the photos we took when we were picking out a place for The Royal Wedding to take place.  It is coming right on up!  2ish weeks!  I can't believe it.

Here is a link to the revel so you can see for yourself!

And here is the original sketch.  The scallops are the same!  Sort of :)

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