Monday, September 29, 2014


Summer chaos catch up time!  A month of pink and I had a really hard time with this week's color combo at CSI.  So many bright colors that I don't normally use!  I had no clue where to go with them.  I did like the blue in the pallet and it reminded me of ice and it was the middle of summer and an ice layout might be a nice break.  I took a trip to Yellowstone in January and some some super cool (hee hee) photos of icicles, so I pulled them out, created a grid piece, my sunburst stencil from Tim Holtz and set to work.  I turned the sunburst upside down to mimic the icicles.  I simply took a pen, outlined the pattern, and filled in with a shimmer watercolor blue.  I added some glittery, long triangles and sparkle washi tape to add to the icy feel.  For the rest of the background, I used a cool bubble stencil, outlined with pen, and used various watercolors from the rest of the palette to give a cool watery effect.  I used the acrostic journal prompt and the word ICE.

Evidence used: triangles, grid, polka dots, arrows, and sparkles.

135 - Ice

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