Saturday, September 27, 2014


The case this week at CSI was super odd, super interesting, and I had the perfect photos to use!  In Portland there is a very iconic and famous eatery called Voodoo doughnuts.  They are famous for their unique toppings, like cereal and bubble gum.  The signature confection is a voodoo doll that is filled with a red filling and has a pretzel stuck through the heart.  The line at the Portland can be blocks long and my friend who was visiting from Phoenix was a little disappointed in the wait.  It was really warm that day too.  I told her there was a branch in my city, so we decided to wait and hit that one.  MUCH shorter wait time.  I liked how the New Orleans style shop and voodoo theme used the color palette perfectly.

I decide to really layer the piece, as layering was one of the evidence prompts, and I think it just added to the weirdness.  I think layering papers and embellishments is what comes to most people's minds when we talk about layering, but I layered art mediums.  I started out with a base of gel through a harlequin stencil (another shout out to New Orleans) then set to work layering distress inks on top.  To do this, I stamped my splat mat with distress ink pads, spritzed with water and turned my piece, face down, on the ink.  I let them drip and dried with my heat gun.  I kept adding layer upon layer until I achieved the look I wanted.  My unusual bit was to wad up some deli paper, like you get served on, dip it in ink and add under the photo.  Then I added some stamped birds, a washi tape matte, gears, clouds, journaling, and sequins.

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