Monday, September 28, 2015

Lava Cast Forest

As soon as I saw the CSI journaling prompt to write about an unusual place, I thought about this place we discovered this winter. We had gone over to Eastern Oregon to stay at a resort and kept passing a sign pointing to a place called Lava Cast Forest. We had never been, so we thought we'd go check it out. It was a bit of a drive, on gravel roads, but we made it. What we found was pretty interesting. A nearby mountain had erupted, suddenly and quickly. As the lava moved through the forest, it filled the area, but moved on and no more came, so it didn't incinerate the trees, just buried the bottoms, and hardened around the trunks. As the trees decayed, holes were left in their place. The area is filled with odd holes in the lava bed. Where trees had already been downed, whimsical little tunnels where left.

Evidence used: book pages, text, clouds, wet medium, and a square spiral

Testimony is about an unusual place. "Oregon is a very volcanic state. The Cascade Mountain Range splits right through the middle of it and it is full of volcanoes. We were out, exploring lava fields and found a sign pointing to Lava Cast Forest. We had never heard of this so we investigated. A nearby volcano erupted so quickly and the lava passed so fast, as it moved through the forest, it filled the ground, but did not burn the trees completely, leaving pits as the trees died and decomposed. Where trees were down, tunnels remained."

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